Dear Science and Football family,


I am deeply honored to send my greetings as new president of the Japanese Society of Science and Football (JSSF). When the JSSF was established in 2003, the building of a ‘bridge’ between scientific research and the actual football scene was created and determined as basic principle and philosophy by the initiating members. I will try my best to keep this philosophy as open as the original intention and make it the fundament of all our future activities.

One of the central aims of JSSF is to urge activities for the application of football sciences to the practice of coaching in actual football scenes. Same as in other sports, scientific studies and research on football in Japan have been activated from the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. On the way to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and even beyond, I hope that JSSF will become the leading platform of football science for high performance in all different levels and categories of football in Japan and support the development of young researchers and coaches. In order to accomplish this mission,

I would like to ask all members for your guidance and encouragement to build and develop this platform together.


Mikinobu Yasumatsu, Ph.D.

JSSF Chair

Department of Sport and Wellness, Rikkyo University