Dear Science and Football families,

It is my great honor and pleasure to send my greeting as new president of the Japanese Society of Science and Football (JSSF). I am keen to work very hard on the society member’s behalf, and I am looking forward to our future activity dealings in the days ahead.

As the logo of the society symbolizes, our main missions are to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practice in the field in all football codes and to expand those activities at an inter-national level globally. To achieve our mission, our society is comprised of groups of scientists, coaches, medical doctors, trainers, players and organizers who have strong interest in football.

In 2011, our society hosted the World Congress on Science and Football as a part of our campaign. The congress was a big step forward for the members of our society and acted as a catalyst to further enhance scientific research geared towards all football codes.

We must maintain that type of global presence in the future. I am quite sure that new, fresh board members this term are very capable and will help to quickly strengthen our mission. I would also like to ask our members to actively contribute to the society’s campaign because that is the main driving force leading to the development of the society.

At end of my greeting, I would like to ask all members for your guidance and encouragement for further enhancement of the society.


Hiroyuki Nunome (JSSF Chair, Nagoya University)